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A Steady Presence
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A thirty-year-long experience at future’s service

We keep growing alongside those who have believed in us
Over the last decades we have witnessed profound changes within the financial markets, which have also touched the Swiss markets. Crossinvest has had the capacity to adapt to this new environment, thus becoming one of the leading independent asset management companies in Switzerland. Incorporated in 1985, over the years Crossinvest has managed to satisfy an always growing number of clients; the assets it has managed have evolved and the number of collaborators grown, whilst managing to attract the best talents. Not only: the development of new business units, new companies and services shows our innovative spirit, which has, nevertheless, always been based on the solidity of our broad experience. The most gratifying part is the satisfaction of those who have believed in us: a value that pushes us to stay faithful to our company’s original principles and create long-lasting relations through the various stages of life
Who we are
We realize that granting the management of your assets is a significant decision, strongly linked to the future and the future generations. For this reason we take advantage of the technical and analytical expertise of the best professionals: daily studies, research and assessments allow us to decipher and understand the markets and invest knowledgeably and with the right perspective. Moreover, we also provide services so as to create customized portfolios and strategies to guarantee a tailor-made management with the sole goal to reach tangible results. In 2007 we were subjected to FINMA which, along with the leading auditors, supervises the work we perform
Apart from the management of private assets, we also provide a vast range of investment funds for qualified investors in various asset classes, geographical areas and risk profiles. Our strategies serve different return objectives, which are interesting on the long term and have shown to have stable results during the various economic cycles
The risk management team constantly identifies, assesses, monitors and manages the risks related to the portfolio, so as to satisfy all your needs and requests
André Audergon
President & Founder
Every idea has to stem from passion and must be revitalised by perseverance. This is the reason why Crossinvest was created

A Steady Presence, Over Time

Crossinvest has been a well-known reality within the financial centre of Lugano as of 1985. The company is based in Corso Elvezia 33 and has grown over time so as to host new offices and new meeting spaces. As of 2016 it also counts new offices in Zurich thus becoming easily accessible from the major European centres while as of 2017 a subsidiary was opened in Locarno